Omics Playground is a user-friendly and interactive web-based platform for the analysis and visualization of transcriptomics and proteomics data. Currently the platform handles any kind of transcriptomics and proteomics data annotated at the gene/protein level, and supports two species, human and mouse. Omics Playground has been in particular devised to also support single cell RNA-seq data, as well as traditional gene expression experiments.

The overview of the platform is shown in the figure below. It consists of two main components. The first component addresses the data importing and preprocessing, which includes preparation of the input data, filtering, normalisation and precomputation of statistics for some analyses. The second part is composed of the online interface, which supports the real-time visualisation and interaction with users. The interface contains several optional settings in order to provide a customisable experience suited to each user’s background.

The platform can be accessed through the following link: https://bigomics.ch/omics-playground/