If you have further questions about how to use Omics Playground, please ask your question in our user forum at Google Groups.

If you’ve discovered a bug, have a feature request, or want to contribute to the code, please go to our GitHub repository.

If you have other questions you can email us.


To cite Omics Playground in publications please use:

Akhmedov M, Martinelli A, Geiger R and Kwee I. Omics Playground: A comprehensive self-service platform forvisualization, analytics and exploration of Big Omics Data. NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics, Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2020, lqz019; doi:10.1093/nargab/lqz019


Omics Playground is open source: you are allowed to download the source code and make your own edits. Although Omics Playground is open source, the software is distributed under a dual license: for either non-commerical or commercial use.


If you are a non-profit company, academic, or use our products for personal use, you may enjoy our software for free under a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial licence.


If you are not entitled to the non-commercial license, or you are a governmental agency, you must purchase a commercial license. Buying such a license is mandatory as soon as you develop commercial activities involving Omics Playground software. These activities include: offering paid services to customers as an ASP, SaaS, professional consulting, or shipping Omics Playground with a closed source product.